SharePoint via Application Access

Learn how to connect to SharePoint online via Application Access


We recommend connecting to SharePoint with Delegate Access if possible as it's simpler to configure and supports Ludicrous mode.

However, if you need to connect with Application Access instead, you can do so by creating a custom application in your Azure Domain.

To see how to connect with Delegate Access, see SharePoint Online


For best results when connecting to SharePoint Online in Movebot using Application Access, we recommend the following permissions:

  • A Global Administrator service account in Azure

  • The Global Administrator account is licensed

  • You have the SharePoint domain/hostname on hand.

If you are unable to connect as a Global Administrator, contact us for alternative configuration options.

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to Movebot and create a new project or task

  2. Choose to Create new Connection

  3. Select Sharepoint from the list of available connections and set the connection name

  4. Provide your SharePoint domain/hostname in the field required

  5. Login to Azure as a Global Administrator and register a new application at

  6. Name the application. Keep the other fields as default and click Register.

  7. Copy the Application ID and paste it into Movebot.

  8. In Azure in the Application permissions, click API Permissions --> Add a Permission. Select Microsoft Graph, then Application Permissions.

Enable the following Permissions:

  1. Grant admin consent for Couchdrop Demo and finish the consent process.

  2. Click Certificates and Secrets -- > Client Secrets -- > New Client Secret. Provide a description and Add. Copy the Secret value.

  3. Return to Movebot and Paste the Secret value into the appropriate field

  4. Click Save and Test connection in Movebot

  5. If the connection has succeeded, you can continue

Supported Features

FeatureSupported in

SharePoint Document Libraries

Fully Supported

OneDrive Users

Fully Supported


Fully Supported


Fully Supported

Modification Retention

Fully Supported

Automatic Sanitization

Fully Supported

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