Errors and Failures

Learn about how to debug and deal with errors and failures in Movebot

Movebot attempts to remedy all failures automatically, but there are some failure types that will require manual intervention and we cannot transfer the data across.

There are two main types of failures:

  • Fatal Failures

  • File or Folder Failures

Fatal failures occur when we cannot proceed with any transfers in a migration job and file or folder failures occur when there was an issue transferring or scanning a file or folder discovered under a transfer mapping (job).

Viewing Errors

Errors can be found on an individual transfer mapping basis under Error Tracker.

Failure Severities

Errors and failures in Movebot are categorized by severity as described below.

Severity RatingExampleDescription


Folder / Files failed to scan

Critical errors are generally very bad. These include an outright failure to scan a directory, which can lead to dataloss.


Could not create file x.txt

High severity errors are generally isolated to a single object. It is recommended that you address them on an individual basis.


File y.txt was ignored

Medium severity errors can normally be ignored, but should be noted as they can show incorrect configuration.

Low Severity

File !blah.txt was renamed to blah.txt

Low severity warnings are informational.

Error Resolution

Fixing errors generally comes down to two approaches:

  • Adjustments in configuration or a manual transfer of the object

  • Running a Delta

If the root cause is not obvious and it cannot be fixed through configuration, then attempt to run a Delta. If running a Delta does not fix the issue, then reach out to support at

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