Add User Mappings

Learn how to add User Mappings.

User-to-user transfers are the simplest form of migration with Movebot. Movebot allows you to migrate all files and folders under one user's account to another. Additionally, you can configure it to only migrate cherry-picked folders from the source to the destination.

Adding a simple user to user mapping

Under the Project manager, click Add Transfer. select the source user and destination user then hit Save and Finalize.

You can also add customization options like filtering to only include/exclude specific files and folders.

By default, Movebot will always migrate data into a separate folder in the destination with a "migrated from" prefix. This is to prevent accidental data clashes and make reorganizing data after the migration easy for users. You can disable this by clicking "Migrate folder contents".

Configuring user to user via CSV

For scale, CSV files can be used to import large numbers of users. The CSV file should be in the format shown below.


For help with CSV mappings, get in touch with support via

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