Proxy Configuration

Learn about working with proxy configuration for file servers.

In networks where internet access is only allowed behind a proxy server some additional manual configuration is needed.


1. Install and run the agent

2. Set the token

3. Stop the agent and then add the proxy configuration manually

You will need to locate the Movebot configuration file, normally it's located in the directory, C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\CouchdropCloudConnector.

Open the file with Notepad, or something similar, and you will find a JSON with a base config.

4. Edit the "proxies" section, adding an HTTP and HTTPS proxy with the syntax below:

"proxies": {
"http": "", 
"https": ""

5. Save the file, and start the agent again.

Proxy URL syntax examples:

Simple, no username and password


With username and password




To debug connection issues, check the log files located in the same directory as the configuration files and feel free to contact support for help at

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