Searching Scan Results

Learn how to Movebot's scan results.

Movebot provides a bunch of standardized reports, but it is also possible to create your own reports using the search console under the files/folders view and search for files or folders.

Under Files/Folders you can see all files and folders discovered in the scan. You can then use the filter to search for files/folders to find specific items.

You can manually use search expressions as below.

{files.filename == "file1.txt"}Match files with the filename "file1.txt"

{files.is_dir == true}

Only match directories

{files.depth > 10}

Match files/directories that are greater than 10 directories deep

{files.depth < 10}

Match files/directories that are less than 10 directories deep

{files.size < 1024}

Match files smaller than 1KB

{files.size > 1024}

Match files larger than 1KB

{files.extension == "png"}

Match files with the extension .png

{files.modtime > 1602629811}

Match files modified after the unix timestamp provided

{files.modtime < 1602629811}

Match files modified before the unix timestamp provided

You can join queries together with an "and" operator:

{files.modtime > 1602629811} and {files.size > 1024}

Spaces and character cases are important and currently there is limited error handling.

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