Import CSV Mappings

The easiest way to add mappings to a project at scale is via a CSV file. CSV mappings are added to a project as individual transfers/move jobs and you can then treat them like any other mappings.

Uploading a CSV file

Within your project, click + Add Transfer. Select Import Transfers from CSV.

CSV Formatting

When executing a file migration, the CSV uses a simple source, destination format.


CSV prefixes can target special objects like users, drives, on-premises agents, or mailboxes.

/user:<username or email>


/teamdrive:<team drive name>

/teamdrive:My Team Drive

/teamdriveid:<team drive ID>








/sharepoint:<drive id>


/sharepointsite:<document library path>


/sharepointurl:<document library url>


CSV Formatting - IMAP Credentials

When moving to/from an IMAP server, you can provide credentials for each user directly in the CSV file by specifying a "source_secret" and/or "destination_secret" column.

The format for these columns are shown below.

Example (IMAP source):


For help with CSV mappings, get in touch with support via

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