Performance and Limits

Learn about performance limitations with Google Drive.

Like most cloud storage providers, Google Drive has limitations that impact migration performance.

Team drives are limited to 400,000 objects

Google limits Team drives to a maximum of 400,000 objects. Once you reach this limit, you are unable to add new objects to the team drive.

Folder nesting limit

A folder in a Shared Drive in Google Workspace can have up to 20 levels of nested folders. If a folder in the source has more than 20 subfolders, the data folder architecture will need to be restructured to fit in Google Workspace.

Daily upload limit per user

For individual users, Google has a daily upload limit of 750GB per user. Once this limit is hit, rate limiting prevents new objects from being uploaded

Daily download limit per user

Depending on the tenant, there is an undisclosed download limit. We believe this limit is around 13TB per day, but it varies between tenants.

Rate limiting

Google rate limits API queries. This creates an ultimate bottleneck during migrations that we cannot surpass. Movebot has very high quota limits, so generally rate limiting does not impact the performance much beyond what is described above.

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