Data Localization

Learn about Data Localization options

Movebot uses dynamically launched and managed dedicated worker nodes to execute your migration when you launch it. Your data does not leave these nodes and they are terminated as soon as your migration is complete. Nodes are never shared between customers.

By default, we use compute resources within our San Francisco data center. You can adjust the geographic location of your migration to meet your performance or data sovereignty requirements.

You can find Data Localization options in any project under Settings --> Options in the section Migration Geographic Region.

Current available regions

San FranciscoDigital Ocean SFO3

New York

Digital Ocean NYC1


Digital Ocean TOR1


Digital Ocean AMS1


Digital Ocean SING1


Digital Ocean LON1


Digital Ocean FRA1


AWS ap-northeast-1

Dedicated/Self Hosted

Chat with the Movebot team for more information on this option.

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