Excluding Content

Learn about how to exclude content from transfers.

Normally, Movebot will migrate all files and folders from the source folders to the destination with the exception of a few file types that are not supported by the destination. However, files can be manually excluded as well.

Movebot allows administrators to extend this functionality and define exclusion and inclusion rules. This can be done on a project level or on an individual transfer level.

Project Level Exclusion Rules

Project exclusion rules will apply to all migrations in a project. Administrators can define these rules under Content Options.

Individual Migration/Transfer Level Rules

The same options are available on an individual migration/transfer. These options extend what was already configured at a project level.

Additionally, you can change an individual transfer to only include files matching a certain set of rules. This is useful for carving up your project into chunks by file types or size.

Available Rule Types

File Extension MatchesOnly match files with the following extensions

Files older than

Only match files that are older than

Files modified before timestamp

Only match files modified before the defined unix timestamp

File size greater than

Only match files with a size greater than

File/Folder name matches

Only match files with the following name. This field supports unix style wildcards

Path matches

Only match files with the following path. Field also supports unix style wildcards

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