Deltas and Changes

Learn about how Movebot handles Deltas and changed files.

Updating files while a migration is running is fairly commonplace. To facilitate this, Movebot has a Delta feature that checks both the source and destination for changes by modtime and only transfers new or modified files.

Movebot does not perform delete or move operations on the destination. So even with the Delta functionality, it is important to ensure major restructuring does not occur in the source during migration.

Always use Delta

Delta Migrations can be enabled on all migrations by enabling the Always use Delta option. Turning this on checks both the source and destination and compares files between them, which will cause a longer scanning time compared to not having this option on.

Launching Delta Migrations

You can choose to launch a Delta sync specifically at any time. Deltas, like reruns, can be launched as often as you need and are generally much faster than full migrations.

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