Performance and Speed

Learn about general performance and speed in Movebot

Movebot has been built architecturally to be optimized for speed. In most cases, this means you will not need to make any adjustments to settings for your migration to perform quickly. There are however a few details that are useful to understand when trying to determine how quickly your migration will run.


For most migrations, rate-limiting is going to be the number #1 bottleneck. Rate-limiting is a mechanism used by API providers to prevent abuse and to limit the impact of buggy API consumer applications on other customers.

Most cloud storage providers implement some level of rate-limiting and it's important to be aware of this as a limiter of your migration's performance.

Identifying rate-limiting

If your migration is being impacted by rate-limiting, it will be visible in the Performance Advisor graphs. The Performance Advisor provides a project-level summary of performance metrics.

What can be done about rate-limiting

Generally, we are at the mercy of the cloud platforms in terms of rate-limiting, but there are a few tricks with each platform if things are not progressing as quickly as you would like.

If you believe rate-limiting has become a problematic bottleneck in your migration project, reach out to our team via and we can take a look at your project.

Worker Nodes

Worker nodes are an abstract concept in Movebot's platform that indicate the level of compute power provided to a migration project or transfer. Currently, administrators can tune these settings under the advice of the Performance Advisor.

We recommend you talk to support before making adjustments to the project worker node settings. It's easy to shoot yourself in the foot ;)

Performance guidelines

How long is a piece of string? Pretty long.

Performance tuning is a black magic and we are constantly fighting with it. As a general rule, you should expect to be able to get over 1GB per minute of transfer for a single transfer mapping in Movebot.

Talk to us if you have performance concerns.

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