Citrix ShareFile

Learn how to connect Movebot to Citrix ShareFile.


Movebot has comprehensive support for Citrix ShareFile through the ShareFile API. Connecting to ShareFile uses OAuth to authorize.


To connect to ShareFile in Movebot you will need:

  • To have Admin access rights to ShareFile

  • The ShareFile tenant must be licensed

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to Movebot and create a new project or task

  2. When configuring the source or destination, choose to Create new Connection

  3. Select Citrix Sharefile from the list of available connections and set the connection name

  4. Click Connect to Sharefile and authorize the connection through the popup window. Enter the account's subdomain prefix and click continue.

Your ShareFile subdomain is the domain prefix that you use when logging into ShareFile. For example, for the domain "", you would use "movebotest"

  1. Click Save and Test connection in Movebot

  2. If the connection has succeeded, you can continue

Supported Features

Movebot has comprehensive support for ShareFile and is well-maintained.

FeatureSupported in Movebot

User Drives

Fully Supported


Fully Supported


Fully Supported

Modification Retention

Fully Supported

Automatic Sanitization

Fully Supported

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