Delegating Domain Wide Authority

Connect Google Workspace to Movebot with a Client ID and domain-wide delegation


To connect a Google Workspace account to Movebot, you need to delegate domain wide authority so Movebot can access your users and migrate them automatically.


Delegating Domain-Wide Authority requires the following:

  • A Google Workspace Administrator Account to access the Admin Console

  • Familiarity with the Google Admin Console

  • Client ID for Google generated in Movebot when configuring a Google Workspace connection

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to the admin console for your Google Workspace domain.

  2. Select the Security tab. If you don't see Security, select Show More from the bottom of the menu list.

  3. Choose Access and data control and then API controls.

  4. In the Domain wide delegation section, choose MANAGE DOMAIN WIDE DELEGATION.

  5. In the API clients section, click Add new. Paste the Client ID generated from Movebot into the Client ID field.

  6. In the OAuth scopes (comma-delimited) field, paste the following:,,,,
  1. Click Authorize. Test that the connection in Movebot is successful to complete your configuration.

For more information on domain-wide delegation, see this Support article from Google:

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