Non-GUI Environments

Learn about connecting the Movebot agent in a Non-GUI enivronment

Install the agent on your Workstation

First, you need to install and configure the Movebot agent (Couchdrop Cloud Connector) on your workstation.

You can follow the article here. Once you have installed and configured the agent, you need to copy the configuration.

On your workstation, browse to the folder


Copy configuration.conf to a location you can access on the new server and also copy the Couchdrop Cloud Connector installer. Now you can uninstall the Agent from your workstation.

Set up the agent on the Server

On the server, you will need to open the command prompt as an administrator. Once you have done that, you will need to locate where you copied your installer and configuration.conf file on the server.

Below is an example command of how to install silently, but your path may vary on your location.

C:\Couchdrop\couchdrop-cloud-connector-installer.msi /quiet

Once this is complete, you need to apply the configuration to the server. To do this, copy your configuration.conf.

On the server, you will need to browse to this location. You may need to create the CouchdropCloudConnector folder under your Appdata\Local as the agent has not run yet.


Now we need to set up the agent as a service. Follow the article here. Be aware you don't need to install the agent again. You can go to the area of the article where it tells you to run the following command.

.\couchdrop-cloud-connector-service.exe install

Once you have completed installing the agent as a service and the service is running, you can check your Couchdrop Cloud Connector configuration folder and it should look similar to the image below

Wait for 30 seconds and verify the agent is working by doing a scan or another action in the Movebot web interface.

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