Windows File Server

Learn how to connect to a Microsoft Windows File Server with Movebot


Movebot supports Microsoft Windows using a lightweight agent that is installed directly on the file server, another server, or on a virtual machine.

The agent uses a shared token for authentication and communicates with Movebot's infrastructure via secure HTTPS calls. The Windows agent does not require any port forwarding or static IP addressing for migrations and is very simple to set up and run.

We do not recommend installing the agent directly on the target file server. If possible, use a VM and connect via mapped network drives.

The agent can be run in a standalone fashion or as a service. For security reasons, we recommend not running the agent as a service during migrations.


To connect Movebot to Microsoft Windows, you need:

  • Remote access via RDP to the fileserver or a suitable VM

  • To be running Windows 10 or above

  • To have an administrator account

  • A reliable internet connection

  • A minimum of 16GB and 2 cores on the host or virtual machine

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to Movebot and create a new project or task

  2. When configuring the source or destination, choose to Create new Connection

  3. Select Microsoft Windows/Apple OSX from the list of available connections and set the connection name

  4. Movebot will provide an Agent Connection token. Copy this token and download the agent. This token is only viewable once so be sure to copy it when viewing it.

  5. Login to the remote Windows file server as an administrator

  6. Install the agent and launch it

  7. Paste the identifier token provided in Movebot and click Connect. After a few seconds, the status indicator should change to show it's connected.

  8. Return to the Movebot interface, and Click Save and Test

  9. If the connection has succeeded, you can continue

Supported Features

Movebot has comprehensive support for Microsoft Windows and is well-maintained.

FeatureSupported in Movebot


Fully Supported

Network Drives

Fully Supported


Fully Supported


Not Supported

Modification Retention

Fully Supported

Automatic Sanitization

Fully Supported

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