SharedWithMe content

Learn about the ShareWithMe option when Google is the source.

When users share a MyDrive folder with another user, this folder shows up under "Shared With Me" in Google Drive.

Movebot does not migrate shared folders by default. If you want to include shared folders for a user migration/transfer, you can enable this under Content Options.

Migrating Shared With Me Content

To transfer shared folders as part of the migration, disable the Exclude SharedWithMe Content under Content Options in the project configuration.

With Exclude SharedWithMe Content disabled, Movebot will transfer all files owned by the migrating user in shared folders to the destination. You can expand this to include all files and folders with the options below.

Exclude Shared Content owned by another user

This option will filter files by owner.

All files in the shared folder will be transferred to the destination

Exclude Shared Content owned by a migrating user

This option will filter files by users in the project.

Files that are not owned by users included in the migration project will be excluded.

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