Google Workspace Drives

Connecting to Google Workspace is fast to set up and fully supported in Movebot.


Movebot uses the Google Drive API with delegate access, and we provide everything you need for quick authorization in Google Admin. Connecting to Google Workspace by delegate access provides Movebot access to user data and shared drives in the Google Workspace domain and full support for migrating Google Drive content.

To connect a personal Google Drive account see Google Drive (Personal)


To connect Movebot to Google Workspace, you will need:

  • A Google Workspace administrator account

  • To be familiar with the Google Admin Centre

  • To have access to the Shared Drives you wish to migrate

Configuration Steps

  1. When configuring a new connection, select Google Workspace from the list of available connection types and give the connection a name

  2. Enter your Google administrator account email address

  3. Enter your domain (find this under "Manage domains" in Google Admin) .

  4. Click "Create Service Account" - this will generate a Client ID

  5. Use this Client ID when configuring domain-wide delegation in the Admin console, required to allow Movebot to access necessary data for migrations. Include the following OAuth scopes:,,,,

For detailed instructions on how to set this up, see Delegating Domain Wide Authority

  1. Test the connection

Supported Features

Movebot has comprehensive support for Google Workspaces and is well-maintained.

FeatureSupported in Movebot

Shared Drives

Fully Supported

User Drives

Fully Supported


Fully Supported


Fully Supported

Modification Retention

Fully Supported

Automatic Sanitization

Fully Supported

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