Mapping Permissions

Learn about how to map permissions in Movebot

Mapping permissions allow you to configure translations between source and destination users and groups. This is used when migrating between two domains or from On-Prem to the cloud.

Example mapping syntax


Group 1




Importing mappings from a CSV file

For situations where the username format is changing, you can add explicit mappings for each user. When migrating a large organization, you can create a CSV file of mappings that can be imported.

An example CSV file is:


Other Options

Tweak the permission migration further

Send Notification Invitations

Send email notifications to users when permissions are added.

This option is not supported by all cloud platforms.

Exclude Unmapped Permissions

Only include permissions for users that are included in the mappings.

This option is useful for preventing re-sharing with external users.

Exception Rules

Prevent permissions from being migrated under certain circumstances.

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