BIM 360 Docs

Learn how to connect to Autodesk BIM 360 Docs.


Connect to BIM 360 Docs and set it as the source or destination to start migrating your files.


To connect Movebot to BIM 360 Docs you will need:

  • Account Admin access to BIM360

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to Movebot and create a new project or task.

  2. When configuring the source or destination, choose Create New Connection.

  3. Select BIM 360 Docs from the list of available connections and set the connection name.

  4. Provide BIM 360 API access to your BIM 360 Docs account by following these steps:

    • If you have access to more than one account, select an account.

    • Click Settings, and select the Custom Integrations tab.

    • From the Custom Integrations screen, click the Add Custom Integration button.

    • From the Add Custom Integration screen, select Document Management, and click Next.

    • From the Add Custom Integration screen, select I'm the developer option, and click Next.

    • Enter the Forge Client ID 0rY4yx0hc4JJOTxwkxykpZZkxAJip3ayph2CUHrLwLVQHAyt , and the App Name, and select the I have saved the Account ID information securely checkbox. Optionally add an App Description and App Logo.

    • Click Save. The name of the app will appear in the Custom Integrations screen.

  5. Click Link to BIM 360 Docs and authorize the connection through the popup window.

  6. Save and Test the connection in Movebot.

  7. If the connection has succeeded, you can continue.

Supported Features

Movebot currently has partial support for BIM 360 Docs.

FeatureSupported in Movebot

Projects files and folders

Fully Supported


Not Supported


Not Supported

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