Failures and Errors

Learn about how Movebot handles Failures and Errors.

Large migrations almost always result in some failures. Normally this is not something to worry about, and the first thing you should try after a migration has finished is to rerun failures.

Rerunning failures works the same as resuming a canceled or paused migration job. It will change the state of all outstanding files and attempt to migrate them again.

You can rerun failures by choosing Error Tracker in an existing job, then clicking the three dots button and choosing Resume Last Action/Rerun Failures.

Dealing with Persistent Failures

Movebot will showcase failures and details, including the originating exception from the cloud storage platform in the admin interface. Here you can see why the file has failed to transfer. You may need to make adjustments to the file in order for it to transfer properly.

If it's still unclear why a file has failed, contact support at

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