Adding Transfers from Scan

Learn how to add transfers directly from scan results.

Movebot supports adding transfers directly from the scan results. This allows you to use the Explorer feature of the discovery scan to analyze the content and easily create mappings for multiple transfer projects using the same source and destination.

Adding Transfers from Explorer

After running a scan, check the Discovery Scan tab and choose Explorer to review the files and folders that Movebot has scanned. You'll also see an overview of errors and warnings, such as if you are attempting to map a drive in the source that is too large for the destination. If you click on one of these errors or warnings, the results will only show results that have that specific issue.

To add a Transfer from the scan results, simply highlight beside a folder, click the checkbox, and click Add Transfers. You can also pick to Ignore File, which can be useful for isolating objects that you do not want to move to the destination. If a folder or its subfolders are used in a transfer, Movebot will inform you with an icon beside the file name.

Mapped sub-folders

In the above screenshot, you may notice that one folder has a Mapped sub-folders notice. This means that while the folder at this level has not been mapped as a transfer, at least one sub-folder below has been.

This is useful to keep track of which folders you have mapped to both make sure you move all the data across and avoid moving the same folders multiple times.

Ignore subfolders mapped in other transfers

As a further safeguard from moving the same folder in multiple transfers, Movebot has the the option to ignore subfolders mapped in other transfers as part of the Content Options when setting up a transfer. When this default option remains checked, Movebot will ignore subfolders that have previously been mapped within the same project so that you don't have to manually exclude them one at a time.

This method allows you to run transfers much quicker, but keep in mind that if you intentionally want to transfer a folder to multiple locations, you will need to leave this option unchecked so that it won't be ignored.

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