Add Network Mappings

Learn how to add network mappings for file servers

We recommend using mapped network drives when migrating from a Windows file server as they are more robust than direct UNC mappings, but Movebot supports both methods.

UNC shares can only be configured manually and require a bit of syntactical magic. When adding a mapping from the project, click Configure folder paths manually then provide a path that includes both the local server that the Movebot agent is installed on and the UNC path to the remote server.

For clarity, see the breakdown below:



The server/agent identifier. This is what shows up when you view all source folders. It must match what Movebot shows and is not the remote server, rather it is the server the Movebot agent is installed on.


This is the hostname of the target file sharing server you are connecting to.

If the original UNC path was \\SERVER2\Shared\Folder1 this is where SERVER2 came from


The file share on the server

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