Scan and Discovery

Learn about the scan tool in Movebot

Data discovery is an important aspect of migrations and data lifecycle management. If you don't have the full picture in terms of your data, it is very hard to be able to perform any management tasks on that dataset. Movebot provides a fundamental tool to help solve this problem and provide detailed visibility into your dataset.

What information does a scan provide

Scans provide an aggregate and tree view of your connected storage engine. You are then able to navigate through that tree to view:

  • File and folder counts

  • Largest file and folders

  • File types

  • Duplicate files

  • Sharing and permission information

  • Empty folders

  • Recently modified files and folders

  • Potential migration issues

You can also use the scan to search for files and folders that match certain conditions.

Scan types

Scans can be executed on a single transfer or a complete project. Project discovery scans are useful as they provide the basis for a migration project and can be used to assist in reorganising data during the migration.

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