Mail ingestion methods

Movebot has two options for mail ingestion for Google Workspace Accounts

There are two different options for ingesting mail for Google Workspace Accounts, the Import and INSERT method.

Import is the default method. This method imports mail with standard scanning and delivery functionality.

The INSERT method is an alternative method that bypasses scanning for older messages, and can increase transfer speeds. When enabled, you can choose to use INSERT for messages sent a minimum of 15 days earlier, and up to 120 days as the maximum start point.

Enabling the INSERT method for a project

To enable the INSERT method, execute the following steps:

  • Login to Movebot and choose or create a project with Google Workspace Gmail as the destination.

  • Go to the Content Options tab, and under Google Workspace Mail Options check the option for Use INSERT method for old emails. The default setting is for emails older than 30 days but this can be adjusted from 15 days up to 120 days.

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