IMAP Server

Learn how to connect to an IMAP server.

Currently, IMAP is only supported as a source.


Movebot can connect to any mailbox that supports an IMAP connection, including personal Gmail accounts.

Movebot connects to IMAP servers by you providing the Hostname and Port and a Username and Password combination.


To connect Movebot to an IMAP Server you will need:

  • Hostname and Port for the IMAP server

  • A Username and Password for each source account

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to Movebot and create a new project or task

  2. When configuring the source or destination, choose to Create new Connection

  3. Select IMAP Server from the list of available connections and set the connection name

  4. Provide the Hostname for the IMAP server. Update the Port number if required.

  5. Provide a Test/Default Username and Password. Note that IMAP credentials can be overridden per transfer, which allows you to configure and manage projects with multiple user accounts

  6. Save and Test connection in Movebot

  7. If the connection has succeeded, you can continue

CSV Formatting for IMAP Credentials for Multiple Users

When moving to/from an IMAP server, you can provide credentials for each user directly in the CSV file by specifying a "source_secret" and/or "destination_secret" column.

To add a CSV file with multiple users, within a project click Add Transfer and then Import Transfer from CSV in the dropdown.

The format for these columns shown below.

Example (IMAP source):


For help with CSV mappings, get in touch with support via

Supported Features

Movebot has comprehensive support for IMAP servers and is well-maintained.

FeatureSupported in Movebot

Email Messages and Folders

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