Learn how to schedule transfer jobs.

Movebot offers two distinct scheduling features for managing job execution. Scheduling can be used to perform a daily delta migration at a certain time, or to restrict the time a particular migration job will transfer data.

Scheduling Daily Execution

Migration jobs can be scheduled to launch daily at a certain time.

This feature is useful for syncing where the source dataset is still active and you want to perform a daily sync. Scheduling daily executions requires setting a daily start time and we recommend enabling Always Use Delta so Movebot is not migrating the same files every day without changes.

Scheduled Data Transfer Window

Movebot supports the ability to specify a time window when Movebot can move data in the transferring stage. Scheduling a data transfer window is done by specifying a start and end hour in UTC time.

Unlike when Scheduling Daily Executions, scheduling a data transfer window does not start the migration automatically; you must still start the migration. Once the migration reaches the transferring stage, Movebot will check to make sure we are inside the scheduled data transfer window. If outside the defined window, we pause the transfer.

Note: When outside the transfer window, the migration will remain in the Transferring state, but no data will be migrated


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