Running the Movebot Agent as a Service

Learn how to run the Movebot Agent as a Service for file server transfers.

The Movebot Agent (Couchdrop Cloud Connector) can be run as a Windows service.

Installing the agent as a service requires some understanding of how Windows services work and the service must be configured to run as the same user that is performing the configuration.

Before starting, make sure that you have installed the Couchdrop Cloud Connector by following the steps outlined here. Make sure you have run and configured everything properly and check that it is working. We recommend closing the desktop configuration app and systray application before starting the service.

Next in a command line, open the Couchdrop Cloud Connector folder located under Program Files and run the following command.

.\couchdrop-cloud-connector-service.exe install

Next, open the service manager:


Find the service for "Couchdrop Cloud Connector" and open it.

Adjust the Log On configuration specifying the user account that you are logged in as the account to run the service under. This step is important as the agent configuration is stored under the user's profile. Without configuring the correct user, the service will not properly connect.

Finally, you can start the service. Once it's running, you can reopen the Couchdrop Cloud Connector configuration application and it should show the service as Running in Background.

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