Data Cleanup with Movebot

Learn about cleanup tasks in Movebot.


Movebot can be used to clean up and remove data through the use of Cleanup Tasks, a recent addition to Movebot. Cleanup tasks provide a simple way to scan for files that match certain conditions and remove them automatically.

Quick Start Guide

Using Cleanup tasks is straightforward and quick to set up.

Exercise caution with Cleanup tasks as data will be deleted. Movebot recommends that you have a backup of all data before executing tasks on a storage platform.

Step 1: Create a new Task

Login to Movebot, navigate to Task Manager, and click Create New Task. From the list of available task types, choose a Cleanup task.

Name your task and continue.

Step 2: Connect to storage

For a Cleanup task, you can use either an existing storage connection or a new one. See our Connections guides for instructions on connecting specific platforms.

Step 3: Choose criteria for files

This is the important step, you must select conditions for files that you wish to delete.

Step 4: Scan and execute

The last step is the scan and execute stage. Movebot requires manual approval for the removal of files as part of Cleanup tasks. This is to prevent accidental deletion of data.

Once the scan has run, it will provide a list of the files that will be removed along with the files that will remain. Check this carefully before approving it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions around cleanup tasks

1: Can I schedule a cleanup task?

Not yet, but this is something we are going to support very shortly.

2: What is the cost for cleanup tasks?

Currently, we do not charge for cleanup tasks.

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