Performance Limits and SharePoint Ludicrous Mode

Learn about performance limits in SharePoint and Ludicrous Mode.

Microsoft's Graph API has some of the highest rate limiting for API calls in the market. This can make moving data to SharePoint slower and more nuanced than other platforms.

Outside of Ludicrous Mode, we would allow for between 200-500GB per day. Using multiple projects with different administrator accounts can improve performance as the rate-limiting is done on an account basis.

When migrating into SharePoint, Ludicrous Mode can provide a significant performance improvement. Ludicrous Mode uses the SharePoint migration-api, a less well-known and under-documented batch ingestion API for moving large volumes of data into SharePoint without hitting the limitations of the official graph API.

Enabling Ludicrous Mode

Ludicrous mode can be enabled at the project level and provides a significant performance improvement for migrations with a large number of small files destined for SharePoint or OneDrive.

Before enabling Ludicrous mode check:

  • You are using Delegate Access to SharePoint. Application access is not supported

  • "Always use deltas" is enabled on the project

  • You are not running any current transfers

Currently, Ludicrous Mode is in beta. We recommend chatting with support before enabling it.

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