Snapshots with Movebot

Learn about snapshots and backups with Movebot


Movebot now supports Snapshot Tasks. Snapshot Tasks are a simple way to automatically take a complete snapshot of a dataset, in a format that is usable in any location.

You can think of snapshots as a basic backup tool, with the added benefit that snapshots do not encrypt or execute deltas in any way. They take a complete snapshot of the data in its current location and copy it to a folder in the configured destination.

Quick Start Guide

Using a snapshot task is straightforward and quick to set up.

Step 1: Create a new Task

Login to Movebot, navigate to Task Manager, and click Create New Task. From the list of available task types, choose a Snapshot Task.

Name your task and continue.

Step 2: Connect to storage

For a Snapshot Task, you will need to configure a source and destination connection. You will also need to specify a folder in the destination where the snapshot data will be stored.

Movebot will create a new timestamped folder within your chosen folder that contains your snapshot data.

Step 3: Configure a schedule

Configure a schedule to execute your snapshot. Movebot supports daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions around snapshot tasks

1: Can I manually execute a snapshot task?

Yes. Snapshot tasks do not need to be scheduled.

2: What is the cost for snapshot tasks?

Snapshot tasks are billed the same as migrations. Per GB based on usage.

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